A Letter for my friend

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  A Letter for my friend     Hi Ben,     Our class is planning to go to a student concert.As you     weren‘t at school today,I’m sending you the information.     We will meet at the school gate at half past one in the     afternoon.We will not wait you if us start fifteen     minutes later.The student concert will be held in the     Rose 万博体育是一个信誉好及富有强烈社会责任感的在线娱乐平台,万博首页是澳门万博首页推出的一个现金赌博平台,万博送彩金88一直保持了良好的形象,无论是客服态度还是提款速度上,万博体育在线网址有着最全面的免费服务,是您休闲娱乐的最佳伴侣. Concert at half past two on Friday afternoon.     Please pay attention.First of all,there is not allowed     eat and drink.Then,when you watch the plays,you     shouldn‘t make noise or take photos.In the end,we should     go back to school while the plays is over.   万博体育是一个信誉好及富有强烈社会责任感的在线娱乐平台,万博首页是澳门万博首页推出的一个现金赌博平台,万博送彩金88一直保持了良好的形象,无论是客服态度还是提款速度上,万博体育在线网址有着最全面的免费服务,是您休闲娱乐的最佳伴侣.   Today I talk about the imformation of the students with     smoking.     I’m very surprise because there are three persent     students often smoking.And there are also have seven     persent students sometimes smoking.Then I am pleasant of     another ninety persent students never smoking.     Now I give some advice for you.Always smoking are bad     for our bodies.I think join in the “Non-smoking Day”is     one of the good ways to give up smoking.     Yours sincerely,     Li Ping